Friday, January 27, 2012

Sick of being Sick!

I think it is time to fumigate our house and rid of all germs. January has been nothing but one long revolving cold for our family.

Sophia came home from school on January 6 with a runny nose and a cough. She seemed a little better Saturday morning so we proceeded with our plans for the day. We even went to our neighbors for dinner (gee I hope they didn't get the bug!) I knew she was going down hill when she didn't want to play and went to lay down on the couch. I think we skipped church on Sunday because by this time both Sophia and Emma were snuffly and just not feeling great.

And so the week went. Both stayed home sick on Monday, Emma came home early on Tuesday because of fever, not eating, not eliminating.  Thursday Emma was home. Sophia just suffered through the rest of the week. I went out of town on Friday. My husband called when I landed to let  me know he was going to have to leave work and get Emma again.

That weekend landed Emma at the doctor's office at 6:15pm on a Friday night and a trip to the ER on Sunday. All while I was out of town. Helpless. My husband dealing with two sick kids - solo. I ended up having to take two more days off the next week because Emma was consistently running fevers.She returned to daycare on Wednesday but still had a low grade fever. At least by this time we figured out the cause of the fevers and finickiness- TEETH. Finally at 10 months she was getting her first tooth. But apparently this kid goes big or goes home-she has two coming in simultaneously on the top and I think two on the bottom as well. As of today they have finally broken through the surface of the gumline.

Meanwhile Sophia's runny nose has stopped but she has been running low grade fevers still and has now developed a cough. We went to the doctor Tuesday evening. She definitely has some rasp in her lungs and was prescribed something to dry it up. I recall the doctor saying if it wasn't better by today or Monday to call back. Well guess what-it hasn't gone away, may be worse, and now Emma is coughing. Are you kidding me? I can't wait to get the batch of EOBs from the insurance company. I'm sure we have been to the doctor at least 6 times in the month of January.

This doesn't include that the original cold has cycled through both Phillip and I too. And I am now dealing with some sinus pain and headaches, lots of sneezing and crap running around the back of my throat.

21 days of unhealthiness. 21 days of cranky. 21 days of Kleenex. 21 days of doctors and feeling like my hands are tied because I don't know how to make my kiddos feel better. 21 days.

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Kristin J said...

I hear you! I threw my back out a couple weeks ago and once I started getting mobile again both kids got sick. Fevers, coughs, runny noses. After a week of that, Chad and I are getting the cold and Henry's first 2 teeth are coming in. BLAH!