Friday, March 27, 2009

Long time no post

Wow, it has almost been two months since I last posted and in baby months that's like 17 years! Wheww. It is funny to me that I seemed to have more time to post when Sophie was just born. I guess all that sleep allowed me to have "me time." Oh, well. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Sophia continues to be the Happiest Baby on the Block! She is so mild mannered, calm, and happy. Phillip and I both just love to be around her and look at her and marvel at her cute squishyness. I'm not being the mom who thinks her kid is better than the rest, Sophie really is a very happy and contented baby.

We started feeding her solids around 7.5 months and she has yet to turn away from food with a "I'm not eating that face." Thank goodness she gets her palate from her dad and not me! She happily eats kale, broccoli, and asparagus. She can make a mess but enjoys eating. After first feeding her broccoli she somehow ended up with a broccoli beard. Not the most attractive thing but funny nonetheless.

She has been sleeping solidly through the night for several months now. It is so delightful to get a full nights sleep and be functional the next morning. She often sleeps on her tummy and usually holds her bear, Smokey, over her eyes. Recently however she has discovered he makes a nice pillow.

In her spare time Sophie enjoys picking Daddy's nose. And then makes him eat the boogers.

In my spare time I enjoy taking Sophie to swim lessons! She loves being in the water and has done well so far. Doesn't fight when on her back learning how to float. Enjoys "wheels on the bus" for warm up and really liked playing Humpty Dumpty last week when teaching her how to find the wall in case she ever falls in the pool. It will be nice this summer when we go to Hilton Head that she is already a bit acclimated to the swimming pool.
Yesterday was a big day at the pool because she got to go under the water. Sophie only had a look of confusion on her face not fear. I imagine the more we go under the more enjoyable the experience will be.

Little miss Sophie still is not crawling yet. She gets about 96% into position and pushes up on her hands a little bit but only to reach the item she wants and then sits down. At this point she may just become a walker! She is content with schoocing to her destination or the toy that is out of reach.

We are looking forward to the warm spring weather, the opening of the farmer's market and celebrating Sophie's first birthday.