Monday, February 25, 2008

Down on the Farm

Just a quick update because it is passed my bedtime.

Meg went and painted the nursery for us today and I am quite pleased! We decided to paint two shades of green to coordinate with the farm theme bedding and sort of mimic rolling hills on the walls of the nursery. I'm going to add a picket fence stencil at the joint of the two colors. Here is a quick look. The last photo gives you a bit of perspective looking into the room from the doorway. You can just barely see the closet door on the left and the window on the right. More updates as we add to the room!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More House Pictures

We went over to the house last week to check out the house, decide which rooms are going to be which, take some measurments and make a plan of some sorts. I felt a surge of panic last night when I realized that we have between 5-7 weeks (or so) before Sophia makes her appearance and not only do we not have anything boxed up and ready to move but we also have a lot of baby preparation to do like washing all her new clothes! Yikes. The exciting news is that Meg is coming for a visit to help us prepare! This is a very busy time for Phillip-doing set design for the school play, planning a discovery day trip, as well as his regular teaching duties. I am wrapped up in Reunion planning for Madeira as well as trying to get things into an orderly fashion at work before being out on maternity leave. So Meg's visit (and willingness to help pack things up) is very welcome!

So here are a lot more photos of the house.


Kitchen and Dining area



Hallway (Nursery is first room on left, then guestroom, Master on right)

Master Bedroom

Master Bath


Living Room

I'll post Nursery pictures once it is painted and we have everything moved in.

On a different note, I have finally figured out how to use the sewing machine I received from Phillip's aunt. My first project was sewing Civil War ration bags for Phillip's Civil War display and Gettysburg battle.

My next project are burp clothes and flannel wipes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Odds N Ends

So as promised, here is the picture of my smushed finger. It is healing slowly. Still black and blue on the flesh side and the nail will be black and blue for a long time. Just hoping the nail doesn't fall off.

My growing belly at 30 weeks. I have only gained 7 lbs since becoming pregnant. I'll keep you posted of the progress in the coming weeks. I feel like her head is on my right side and there isn't much room in there for her to get comfortable, therefore making my uncomfortable. But that's the way it goes.

Nesting: I think I'm in that phase. I've started making things in the Crockpot and freezing for later! It is like a game of Tetris when pulling out ice or ice cream with all the food in here. But it sure does make deciding on dinner a lot easier!

Last but not least the beautiful cake one of my mother-in-laws close friends made for the baby shower last weekend.


We are renting a house in Warrenton, VA which is about 20 minutes from where we are now. It will add a bit to my commute but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make for more space and a nursery for the baby! The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It is situated on an acre, has a large deck and fenced backyard! One of my favorite features is that it is all one level. No more lugging stuff or groceries up three flights of stairs! Phillip is looking forward to being able to plant a garden, start a compost, and mowing the lawn! We will move in sometime in March. We only have a few pictures of the house but I will be sure to take more soon. The owners are letting us paint the nursery which I hope to do (okay, have Phillip do) this weekend.

Monday, February 04, 2008

30 weeks, 4 days

I am in the home stretch now! This post will be short and sweet--I slammed my index finger of my right hand in the car door on Saturday. It doesn't hurt like it did but the finger is still sore to the touch so I'm not using it much--making typying a bit of a challenge.

So I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Still feeling good! Getting a bit more tired in the afternoons, up nearly ever hour on the hour it seems to go to the bathroom, and my hips fall asleep and hurt while I'm sleeping causing some discomfort, but really no complaints.

The baby is moving around like crazy these days and it feels so weird--often like being tickled from the inside out. It is so much fun to know she is in there. I hope she is as excited to meet us in the outside world as we are to meet her!

Last weekend I was at a conference in Nashville, TN and the welcome reception was at the Wildhorse Saloon. Check out the hot guy I met! You can see my expanding belly a little bit...more "belly shots" to come.

Keeping me busy the past few nights has been Sophia's hand knitted blanket. I started this project about 2 years ago as my first introduction to the craft. Let's just say I was a bit ambitious! I actually started the blanket for a friend of ours who was expecting but clearly didn't give myself enough by default the blanket has become Sophia's. If by chance this baby ends up being a boy I am just going to weave some blue ribbon through the eyelets around the edge! I finally finished the blanket tonight, bum finger and all! It is not easy to knit without using your index finger. It's just a labor of love! I hope she appreciates this blanket as much as I do.

Next post: My growing belly and pictures of the HOUSE we are renting!