Saturday, February 23, 2008

More House Pictures

We went over to the house last week to check out the house, decide which rooms are going to be which, take some measurments and make a plan of some sorts. I felt a surge of panic last night when I realized that we have between 5-7 weeks (or so) before Sophia makes her appearance and not only do we not have anything boxed up and ready to move but we also have a lot of baby preparation to do like washing all her new clothes! Yikes. The exciting news is that Meg is coming for a visit to help us prepare! This is a very busy time for Phillip-doing set design for the school play, planning a discovery day trip, as well as his regular teaching duties. I am wrapped up in Reunion planning for Madeira as well as trying to get things into an orderly fashion at work before being out on maternity leave. So Meg's visit (and willingness to help pack things up) is very welcome!

So here are a lot more photos of the house.


Kitchen and Dining area



Hallway (Nursery is first room on left, then guestroom, Master on right)

Master Bedroom

Master Bath


Living Room

I'll post Nursery pictures once it is painted and we have everything moved in.

On a different note, I have finally figured out how to use the sewing machine I received from Phillip's aunt. My first project was sewing Civil War ration bags for Phillip's Civil War display and Gettysburg battle.

My next project are burp clothes and flannel wipes.

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Elizabeth said...

congrats on the new house and of course the baby! Best of luck! What is your brother up to? My sister was good buddies with him and would love to get an update! :)