Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Odds N Ends

So as promised, here is the picture of my smushed finger. It is healing slowly. Still black and blue on the flesh side and the nail will be black and blue for a long time. Just hoping the nail doesn't fall off.

My growing belly at 30 weeks. I have only gained 7 lbs since becoming pregnant. I'll keep you posted of the progress in the coming weeks. I feel like her head is on my right side and there isn't much room in there for her to get comfortable, therefore making my uncomfortable. But that's the way it goes.

Nesting: I think I'm in that phase. I've started making things in the Crockpot and freezing for later! It is like a game of Tetris when pulling out ice or ice cream with all the food in here. But it sure does make deciding on dinner a lot easier!

Last but not least the beautiful cake one of my mother-in-laws close friends made for the baby shower last weekend.

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Angela Curtis said...

Love the pose! You look so cute! OUCH! Looks like your finger hurts BAD! I hope that you had a great baby shower and got lots of fun things! Your freezer looks as packed as mine does! Looks like your new frige will have more room. ;) Can't wait for more updated pics!