Sunday, January 29, 2012


It's no secret that I love kids, babies, mamas and all the "stuff" that goes with them. As I continue to figure out how to get on the path to working in the maternal/baby healthcare world I will just keep on moving forward and let all the pieces fall together. In the mean time it makes me proud and happy when other mamas, friends, friends of friends, and expectant mothers I know ask me my opinion on baby/kid stuff. Here are a few of my favorite things, new and old. (I'm not getting paid by any of the companies below to talk about their products! They are just products and companies I use and love!)

Moby Wrap- This 7 yards of fabric has been a life saver. It allows you to hold baby close and snuggle but still gives you the benefit of being hands free! I especially love it in the first few months so you can wear baby and not have strangers all touchy feely when you are out and about. When preparing for a shopping trip I usually put the Moby on then get in the car so it is one last thing to deal with at your destination. And baby usually sleeps like a rock when all Mobyied up.

Ergo- Another great carrier. Is is comfortable and won't fatigue your back like some of the other carriers on the market. You can front or rear carry and even side carry and it is good up to 40 lbs! I carried 35lb Sophia (at the time) last summer in the Ergo on my back and pushed Emma in the stroller while we were on vacation. Sophia loved it because she didn't have to walk and felt like she had some special attention!

Bum Genius Diapers- I have used these cloth diapers since Sophia was a baby. I prefer the All-In-One diapers that allow you to expand them as the kiddo grows! I'm now using them on Emma. We have about 18 Bum Genius Diapers in our stash. Talk about a money saving option! The diaper seem expensive at first but considering I've used them through two kids it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the cost savings. I have replaced the velcro and leg elastics once. (Thanks Mom!) I need to redo the velcros again. That is my only negative about the "Aplix" style diapers. The Aplix or Velcro does get worn out and needs to be replaced. I'm learning that snap closures are better.

FuzziBunz- I only have one of these diapers but I plan on buying more. They are an adjustable pocket diaper with snap closures. They are a very trim fitting diaper. Adjustable waist and leg elastic make them easy to fit at any stage.

Rockin' Green Detergent- This stuff literally ROCKS! It is affordable, gets diapers super clean, smells great, natural, and fights urine/poop oder in your diapers. I've read a lot of reviews that people like it so much they have started using it for regular wash-not just diapers. I bought 2 bags on Black Friday in an online deal and still have 1/4 of the first bag to use. I use it mainly for my diapers and do the diapers every other day! It's about $.31/wash.

CJs BUTTer- Diaper cream that is cloth diaper safe! It comes in a variety of scents, comes in a stick so you don't have greasy/messy hands, and comes in a travel size for the diaper bag. Works great on diaper rash but also good for minor cuts and scrapes. I buy mine at Abby's Lane- they are local if you are in Maryland, DC, Virginia but also have an outstanding online store.

NoseFrida- This thing is bizarre. When I told my mom and mother-in-law about it they both threw up in their mouths a little bit. But it works! Affectionately called the "snot sucker" it is a straw tube contraption that allows you to literally SUCK the snot out of your kids' noses! It sounds disgusting but really works. It is much more effective and efficient than the blue bulb sucker thing they give you when the baby is born. You control the suction and can remove more snot than the bulb. Abby's Lane also sells these on their site.

So there are a few of my favorite can't live with out baby/kid things.

Another great thing for mom's wanting to try cloth diapers- check out Jillian's Drawers try cloth program. You can buy a sampling of a variety of diapers- different closures, fit, inserts, materials. See what works for you and your little one. What you don't want you can return and what works you can keep. Everything is explained on the site. It's a great way to learn first hand about the different types of diapers available!

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