Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A List

A List- not as in celebrity but rather a single list. Because sometimes it's just easier that way.

1. Had a great weekend. Saw friends, babies, a little bit of Baltimore, church, farmer's market, bought a bike trailer for the kiddos, kids and dogs parade on Main street, fireworks with the neighbors in the middle of the street.

2. I need to blog about my "summer reading."

3. Want to share my feelings/reaction to "Cinderella Ate My Daughter."

4. We went horseback riding for our anniversary. 7th year is leather and copper. I figured a leather saddle fit the bill.

5. I'm working on giving up sugar-added sugar. It's in EVERYTHING! I've been eating my weight in fruit.

6. Sophia is POTTY TRAINED. She decided she wanted us to put her potty seat in the attic and save it for Emma to use. We haven't had an accident in weeks. Knock on wood.

7. Emma is drooling like crazy and sometimes looks like a rabid dog with all the spit bubbles around her mouth and chin. I believe some chompers maybe making an appearance soon.

8. Can't wait for our annual beach vacation to Hilton Head with the parents, sisters, brother and his family. It's gonna rock.

9. Going to the doctor this Friday to have my gall bladder checked out. (See what happened last year at this time.) I'm fairly confident they will advise me to have it removed. I'm worrying how this is going to effect nursing.

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