Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sooner or Later

I have been teeter tottering between if this baby is coming soon or not. Some moments I feel she will let me know she's ready to come out at any moment and the next minute I think she is going to incubate as long as she can.

I have kidded with coworkers that I'll be at work on March 7 (day after "due date) and also joked that Emma is fully aware of Sophie's tantrums of late and not coming out until she settles down!

Last night I was uncomfortable, hot, sweaty, upset stomach. I labored into bed and turning over is like an Olympic event. I think I've picked Sophie up one too many times the past few days because I feel like my abdominal muscles are stretched out and I've done too many sit ups (which is most definitely not the case!)

No tell tale signs of labor have presented themselves. So I'm just impatiently waiting at this point. The only thing that is indicative of her arrival is my nesting instinct. We still have a lot on the "to-do" list and I think Phillip is a little worried I'm going to have him running around like crazy tonight getting last minute things in order.

Here is what I'm looking like at 39weeks, 3 days.

It's hard to tell what I look this time around compared to when I was pregnant with Sophia. You be the judge!


k said...

You look great!

jenn said...

You look adorable! keep smiling :)