Friday, March 04, 2011

Baby on the horizon

I had my 39 week appointment with the midwife yesterday. I am 2 cm and 60% effaced. She said my cervix was soft, very soft. I asked "How soft? Like a rotten banana?" She said "Like Butter." My cervix is "like butta" that's one for the quote book!

So here we go! I'm working from home today tying up some loose ends. I feel pretty good but it is a comfort to be here just in case I start to go into labor.

For the curious I will be blogging and on Facebook when I can be. My sister will be ghost writing for me and posting in both places. You can follow me on Twitter too. I'm going to label posts "labor" so you can easily find and follow my home birth experience.

Hopefully by the time the weekend is over I'll be the mother of two girls!


k said...

How exciting!

Bethanne said...

Ya-hoo, ya-hoo, ya-hoo!!! Good luck to you & Emma!!! xoxoxo