Sunday, March 06, 2011

Birth Tub

We have the birth tub set up in anticipation of labor. As Sophie says "that's a cool birth tub mom." Thanks, Soph, you're opinion on such matters is important!

It is set up but not full yet. We had to rig up an adapter for the shower head and when the time comes will run a garden hose from the shower to the tub. The tub gets filled with warm water and has a heater built in to maintain the heat.

My favorite item that comes with the tub is a small fish net, like you'd use in an aquarium. I'll let you guess what that is used for.

I did ask the midwife what the two drinking straws are for in the birth kit. I was hoping they were for something cool like an emergency tracheotomy but...wait for it...they are for drinking! The midwives encourage drinking while in labor! (Something they don't allow you to do while in labor in the hospital.)


k said...

I find it hilarious that the tub is called AquaDoula. Kind of like AquaDoodle but with more babies and pushing.

Kristen Hampshire said...

Wow - AquaDoula, just in time for spring! I'm all about hydration during labor...the hospital where I gave birth let me roam around the hallways at 2 a.m. and "work it out"...but then, i gave birth at the hippie hospital in our area. lol. Best experience ever. Cheers to AquaDoodle and filling that tub with ice and champagne after the main event!