Thursday, April 10, 2008

40 Weeks...Still working!

We still don't have internet at the house so here is a very quick update being sent from work!

I am 40 weeks today and tomorow is my due date! I have worked all week, getting some last minute items for Reunions finished up.

I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and have made some more "progress" but the doctor believes I will be late (really?) My favorite doctor in the practice is on hospital duty on Tuesday, April 15 so that's the day I'm hoping Sophia will grace us with her presence. If she has not yet decided to leave the warmth of my womb I have an appointment Tuesday afternoon and another on Friday, April 18. On Friday I will undergo a Non Stress Test to make sure everything is okay in there and at that time they will schedule a sonogram to check on her. And then we'll wait some more. If she still hasn't come out I will be induced (such a yucky word to me) on April 24th. So say some prayers, do a chant or an African Tribal dance that our little girl decides to be born soon!

Below are pictures from weeks 39 and 40 (taken just this morning.)


Tara Susman-Pena said...

Hope she comes soon. I feel for you--Esther was 15 days late. You may or may not know about some tricks of the trade to make the labor start: walking a lot, sex, taking castor oil, getting acupuncture (not all at the same time!). Good luck and enjoy the whole thing! I look forward to hearing the good news.

Tara Susman-Pena said...

I feel for you--Esther was 15 days late. Hope she shows up soon, and I'm looking forward to hearing the good news. In the meantime, do you know about these tricks of the trade for getting labor going? Going on long walks, having sex, taking castor oil, getting acupuncture (not all at the same time!). Good luck--I'll be thinking of you.

Angela Curtis said...

Go Sophia Go! Your Birthday is Tomorrow! Don't be like Nathan and hold on for dear life! Help your Mama out here! :) You are too cute and I know you are ready for her to be here! Tell Phillip hello for us! I can't wait to see her first pictures! Love you guys!
Angela, Seth, and Nathan

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would like Sophia to come out and play. Maybe she wants to arrive when we have some warmer weather. Hang in there, and thinking of you! Cary

Anonymous said...

I'm dancing for you girlfriend! I know she's going to be here this weekend - a tease for me since I'm driving so close w/o stopping! (sorry again). I'll be thinking of you! One more tip - spicy food!