Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This, That, and the Other

I have been short on time and/or energy lately to blog so why don't I roll all the things I've been wanting to blog about into one?!
Phillip and I painted the girls' rooms two weekends ago. We now have to paint the rest of the house because their room looks fabulous and highlights what terrible condition the rest of the walls are in. He did most of the work and put on all the finishing touches. He even took a trip to Target and bought some decals for the walls. He put together the new crib and manged to stash toys away so the room doesn't look too cluttered. I think he is in love with being the papa of two little girls. He was very impressed with the final outcome of the room. And, if you are in need of a crib we got Emma's crib at Target for $150! It's a Graco Lauren convertible crib. I was hesitant at first because it was so inexpensive but it seems to be pretty sturdy.

Last week I walked into my office to find a home made "outhouse." Co-workers and friends of mine constructed it for me. We often sit together at lunch and have the most off color and hysterical conversations. Much like a mother to her daughter they often have to ask if I peed before I sat down to lunch because they know that if I get laughing too hard we could have an accident. So I walked into work last week and there stood "Kelly's Piddle Pad." Upon walking inside it was outfitted with a toilet and telephone. And a lot of funny advertisements remade with our faces on them! Hopefully it's still there tomorrow and I can get some photos to post.
This past weekend has brought "The Bug" to our house. I made eggs and sausage for Sophie and I at her request. She also added 4 pepperonis to the meal. She had a few sips of juice and the pepperoni then declared she wasn't hungry and her tummy hurt. I thought perhaps she was mistaking hunger for pain. I didn't push the issue. A while later while attempting to get dressed and run errands she was refusing to put clothes on insisting on "five more minutes." (Her latest go to phrase.) And then she hurled. Delightful. Nothing like being 37 weeks pregnant, on your hands and knees cleaning up puke. We stayed put. But at this point I wasn't sure if it was the combination of pepperoni and apple juice that made her sick or something bigger. When she had her second vomit of the day I knew we were in for a treat. Luckily by the fourth time she totally got the concept of going to the bathroom to puke in the toilet. I felt so bad as she stood there literally hugging the toilet seat.

Monday was a trip to the doctor to have her checked out. He confirmed if the poops hadn't started yet, they would. Oh Goody!

Tuesday I awoke at 1am to "The Bug" attacking my insides. Also not fun being 37 weeks pregnant and having the stomach flu. I also have a condition from a surgery to correct acid reflux that prohibits me from being able to throw up. I can heave but the only thing that comes up is spit. It's like doing sit ups for hours on end with no results. A lot of pain, no gain.

Wednesday we both stayed home to recuperate after Sophie threw up again last night. It was rounded out by a trip to the ER because she had not urinated in 24+ hours and was refusing to drink. This was punctuated by a "crap up the back" right before we were headed to the ER. After putting her half clothed in the tub to clean up I pray that was the first, last, only exhibit of the bug in that way.

Thursday is wide open.

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