Sunday, February 06, 2011

Birth Box

I'm 36 weeks today. Some women are packing their hospital bags at this point in the pregnancy, I am packing up my birth box.

The box contains my birth kit-interesting items like 2 drinking straws, those sexy mesh undies they make you wear with the ice packs inside, the mucous sucker outter thingie, a measuring tape, gloves, "chucks" or piddle pad type things, and a bunch of other items. All that came from the birth supply company. I just went on a home scavenger hunt for the other items.

Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
3 gallon size zip lock bags
A roll of toilet paper
A roll of paper towels
A box of kleenex
Trash bags
A cookie sheet
A crock pot
Ammonia (cleans muconium out of clothing!)
Extra sheets
Towels and washclothes

Some of the items I need to buy or borrow.
Heating pad
Space heater (the room has to remain at 70-75 degrees for a while after the baby is born to keep her warm enough. I don't think Phillip is going to be able to sleep in the room with us! We currently have the house set at 67 and usually have the fan on and a window cracked!)

My birth tub is ordered and I'll pick it up in two weeks.

I have a home visit with my midwife this Friday.

Little by little everything is coming together and we are getting closer to having a family of four!

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k said...

I found those mesh undies and the ice packs so delightfully lovely post-baby.