Friday, February 04, 2011

Gift for Emma

A dear friend of mine presented me with a gift for Emma earlier this week. Our friendship is based more on laughter and sarcasm than sentimentality. So when I started to get teary eyed and stood up to give her a hug she asked if I was going to wet my pants.

She is part Cherokee but used imagery from Hopi and Zuni tribes to paint this beautiful rocking chair. I hope Emma is as strong as my friend feels she will be and cherishes this gift forever.

The spirals represent a journey or Emma's life journey and path.

The bear claws represent strength and leadership.

The black and white ovals represent night and day. The sun in the middle represents warmth and all things good. Or warmth and goodness throughout the night and day.

The waves represent water, beginning, and life. This is especially special to me as Emma will be born in the water.

The bear and arrow represent strength and protection.

My friend felt bad that she didn't do this for Sophia but I told her it was okay-Sophie received other gifts from her. Like a Ralph Lauren polo and the softest blankets. I know that blankets are a coveted gift to give for this person and not everyone gets one. She also bought me my breast pump! That's pretty intimate. Sophie will be fine.

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