Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Day

Being a Capricorn born in January during the "Blizzard of 1978" (or close enough) I love snow. I love the soft quiet as it falls, the way it dresses up an evergreen, and the feeling of being enveloped by nature. On Saturday we had our second snowfall of the season. The forecasters couldn't seem to determine if we were going to get just a dusting or some actual accumulation. Lucky for me we got about 6 inches of snow. We ended up staying inside most of the day while the snow fell. But what better to do on a snow day then make up fun games to play with your kid. So Sophie and Phillip played Jump Baby-simulating Sophie jumping out of a B-52 bomber.

On Sunday we suited Sophie up and headed outside. She had no idea what to do in the snow and was "frozen" in the snow. After a bit of encouragement she bent over to pick up the snow and throw it at dad but she still didn't quite understand it. We are due for more snow tonight and maybe this weekend. We'll see if she is more eager to discover the fun snow brings.

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