Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nana Time

During the first weekend of February my husband and I packed up the car complete with dog and baby and headed south. We had reservations at Butterfly Gap Retreat in Maryville, TN. This getaway was as much for me as it was a 30th birthday present for him. We were originally scheduled to head there in December prior to Christmas but had to postpone due to the 18 inches of snow that fell the day we were supposed to leave. The staff at BGR was excellent and so understanding and simply allowed us to book a different date which was easy since the first week of February was ski week at Phillip's school.

I was nervous we would have to postpone again or outright cancel when we woke up to 6 beautiful inches snow! Phillip got right to work shoveling the driveway so we could escape.

This trip also marked the first time we would leave Sophia alone for more than a few hours. We have both spent a few nights away from home in the past two years but never have both of us been away from her at the same time. All was easy going until we put her down for her nap. I'm sure she could sense something was different about this nap time as we both gave her extra squishes and kisses. I will be the first to admit that it wasn't easy leaving her but our trip was needed and deserved. I knew she was in good hands with Nana and would fare just fine.

There days were filled with watching Sesame Street on tv (a luxury since we don't subscribe to cable service) watching the horses in the neighbor's pasture and at Nana's own barn, feeding Nana's horse, and flipping through the many horse related magazines within arms reach. Sophie indulged in being rocked to sleep
and I'm sure some sweet treats that only Sophie and Nana know about.

Nana reported that she only asked for us a few times and went down for her naps and bedtime flawlessly. She didn't use her binkies except for when it was time to sleep and didn't throw any fits. Of course when we returned home and Sophie wanted to eat a snack every five minutes and I wouldn't let her Nana responded "we didn't do that when you were gone" or when I tried to rock Sophie to sleep and she insisted that she giggle and play with my face Nana again responded "we didn't do that..." The power and magic of a grandmother.

It was great to get away and I think in the end it did everyone good.

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