Saturday, February 13, 2010

More snow and cabin fever

When we returned from our much needed retreat we came home to more snow than I have seen in at least twenty years. We delayed our return because we knew that the DC/MD/VA area had been blasted with a blizzard and upwards of 20 inches of snow. We were smart to buy supplies such as wood, water, and propane in NC before heading north. During hurricane Frances when we still lived in NC Phillip and I took the power outage as a challenge and testament to our strengh. We boiled water for sponge baths and used the horse wash rack at the barn to do so. We played Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, and Hungry Hungry Hippo by candle light. We cooked meals on the camp stove. It was camping indoors and we loved every minute of it.

Dealing with high wind, lots of snow, and power outages in Boone, NC we were the same way. Huddle up by the fire, pour a glass of wine and thank your lucky stars for your granddad's old WWII military sleeping bag, down, and wool.

We figured this would be the same way. Fire, food, wool and down, and each other. When we pulled up to the driveway we couldn't even attempt to pull in the snow was so high. Phillip jumped out and quickly carved a spot for me to park. Sophie and I got inside and assessed the amount of rotten food due to the power being out for several days. Next chore, build a fire. I was so proud of myself for the blaze I created. We were going to be fine in the 40 degree house until the power came back on. Then Phillip came in and asked "What's that smell?" I thought it was just regular fire smell. Turns out we had a bit of smoke and the fumes from the fire coming right into the house instead of up and out the flue. Crap. I drove over to the church behind our house because we don't get good cell phone reception here - and by this time it had started snowing...again...and it was coming fast and furious. I called my parents to take them up on their offer to stay at a hotel.

Off we went...warm, dry, a place to cook and one cranky baby. I think Sophie was just stressed out from being in the car all day, coming home, packing up and leaving again and being in an unfamiliar place. I wish I would have thought to bring our swim suits but when there is nearly two feet of snow in your yard swimming is a far off thought. The one thing that did keep her happy was a tour of the hotel. We walked every hallway on two floors. To make it more fun for me I decided to take photos of the "tour stops." Sophia's favorite thing was the "choo choo" what we adults call a luggage cart.

Enjoy the slideshow-snow, the tour, Sophie's crazy nappy hair the next morning and more snow!

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