Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Follow up to Night Night

"Good, you've pinpointed it. Step two is washing it out."-Tommy Boy

Well we don't have to wash it out but we do need to figure out the solution to the problem. I think the issue with Sophie not wanting to go night night is that she doesn't want to go to sleep in her bed. While gathering up her items for sleep tonight she was laying on our bed and said "night night" like she meant it. I then picked her up and she fought me to get out of my arms. The crying and screaming started immediately on the walk across the hall to her room.

We haven't really ever been co-sleepers. When she was an infant she had only slept with us occasionally and that was usually in the middle of the night when she would NOT go back to sleep. Lately when she has seemed to wake in the middle of the night particularly distressed I let her snuggle with us but she never falls back asleep and just plays with my nose and mouth so I eventually put her back in her bed.

I guess wanting to go night night in our bed is just so she can be with us. But I need my beauty sleep so that's not going to happen if sleeping in our bed becomes a new habit. I wonder if it's time to upgrade to a big girl bed so she feels the same level of comfort she has in our bed? Hmmm What do you think the solution is?


Michelle said...

I think it is worth a try. Sounds like you have tried everything else. If you make a big deal about her being in a big girl bed, maybe she will think it fun and she will be more willing to stay in her bed.
Good luck.

Hillary said...

The Boy LOVED his big boy bed. I was worried about the transition, but -- minus a few fallings out after we got rid of the side rail -- we had no problems.