Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dads are great

Dads are great. They provide balance in the family unit.

Moms: safety
Dads: reckless fun

Moms: moderation
Dads: excess

Moms: rules
Dads: breaking or bending rules

You get the point. I know first handed that Dads are great...because I have a great Dad. I can vividly remember many Friday or/and Saturday evenings when my sisters and I would snuggle up to Dad, stick our lips out, give our best puppy dog eyes and ask "Daddy, can we please get some Dairy Queen? (or TCBY, before they sucked). Please Daddy. And 9 times out of 10 we were in the car on the way.

Dads always give you an extra $5 or $10 spending money and don't mind picking up a round of drinks in celebration...well in celebration of anything! Maybe it's a father/daughter thing but Dads always seem to go a little farther, do a little more when there daughter is concerned.

I witnessed this first hand tonight during bath time. I did the dishes, Phillip gave Sophie a bath. About midway through bath time, he hollars "Why do bubbles always get bigger the longer they sit?" It isn't that they get bigger the longer you leave them but the more you agitate them. Sophie was in a pool of luxurious bubbles. Smothered by thousands of tiny bubbles and loving every minute of it. I picked up the bottle of bubbles and laughed- it is nearly 3/4 empty and last night when I poured the bubble bath the bottle was about 1/4 empty. "Well, it didn't seem like they were doing anything."

And that is just one reason Dads are great...the indulge their little princesses in luxurious bubble baths.

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so cute!