Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diaper Stations

This doesn't really fit into to any specific theme or chronological, timely post but I've been thinking about it a lot lately as we have had a few weekends away from home from Thanksgiving until now-I want to talk about diaper stations.

Changing a baby/toddler while traveling can be a bit of a hassle. First you have all the stuff-diapers, changing pad, wipes, fresh clothes if there was a leak, diaper bag, etc. Plus you may or may not have a child who can stand up while you are preparing everything or heaven forbid-you have to use the restroom yourself! On most car trips Phillip takes care of the dog and I take care of the diaper changing. A "rest stop" takes fifteen minutes to an hour depending on if we are stopping for gas and food too.

What frustrates me is when we do stop and a) the bathroom is disgusting, b) there is no "changing station"c) both. So it is my new found passion to report out to you on different places we stop and rate the facilities. For now, I'd like to share two local places that get a "Clean Diaper Award"!

1) Wegman's grocery store, Lake Manassas. They have TWO Family restrooms. One is an independent room the other is a separate room in the main ladies room. (I guess I should ask the husband if the men's room has a separate stall for changing diapers.) The family restroom is large and has all the necessary equipment. A changing station, a seat for a toddler while you are using the facilities, a large sink, and a step stool for the wee tots. It is ALWAYS clean, has soap and hand sanitizer.

2) Clydes of Reston-This surprised me. I entered the ladies room and was surprised to find a special stall just for changing a diaper-I have been to Clyde's many times before I had Sophie and obviously needed to use the bathroom but never noticed this special stall. The stall is longer than most, has a metal counter with a sink. Small space but better than a changing station in the main part of the restroom. The toilet and counter were close enough you could probably keep your kiddo on the counter while you did your business.

I know we will be doing some roadtripping in the future and I look forward to reporting out on my findings of where to stop and where to avoid at all costs! I will simply tag all of these posts as Diaper Stations for easy reference in the future.

Let me know if you have a place to add to the list!

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