Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Eve I began to get a cold but we went to a party with Sophie in tow anyways. It was New Year's Eve after all! New Year's Day I spent 85% in bed feeling terrible and followed the same routine on Saturday. It wasn't until Sunday I emerged, showered, and sort of felt better. To make matters worse my car started acting up and spent three days in the shop. Luckily Phillip did some internet research on Subaru's and diagnosed the problem as well as the cure so the shop visit didn't cost a dime; which was a good thing because with paychecks coming at odd times in December and the holidays we didn't have a lot of spare cash. It was not my ideal way to ring in 2010. So I declared that MY New Year wouldn't start until January 14, 2010-my 32nd birthday.

One of my resolutions was to contact an acquaintance I know from work to inquire about she started her business and learn all I could so I can further pursue opening my business. I met with her last week and I am excited about spending some time this year doing some R&
D (research and development).

My next resolution is to be more aware of my eating habits and drink more water. I'm drinking water right now as I type but had mac & cheese and chicken tenders for lunch. But I did buy some root vegetables at the store to make a great mash.

Next is to rededicate myself to this blog. I've gotten lazy and instead of posting on here I upload a few pictures to Facebook when my mom or sisters beg me to. That's no fun. I hope to post at least once a week. And include more information about the journey of motherhood and raising a daughter.

So here goes.

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