Friday, October 09, 2009

My daugther really didn't stop aging at 13 months I'm just lazy

The seasons have changed, Sophie has learned to stand up and cruise, she says mama, papa, hi, and buh bye and I'm just now getting around to posting these exciting milestones. I must rededicate myself to posting on here more frequently! She also has 12 teeth. Four in the front top, four in the front bottom, and molars to match. The molars are still coming in but they have all broken the surface of the gum. Things she is lacking-walking skills and enough hair to put in an incredibly cut Bam-Bamesque pony tail. How are we supposed to go trick or treating if the kid can't walk? Oh well she's still super cute!

Her first bike ride

Enjoying a snack at the pool

Learning how to wear her sunglasses

She loves this chair we are borrowing from her godparents. It talks, sings, and is obviously just the right size.

Look Ma, I'm standing!

So this picture needs an explanation. I think Sophie remembers breastfeeding. She sometimes will try to pull my shirt down (especially when I'm wearing a v-neck) just to see what's going on in there. One day she put a wind-up penguin in my shirt. Phillip found this funny and explained to Soph that my shirt could be used for all sorts of storage and he commenced to putting his wallet, car keys, pocket knife, books, and anything else he could find within arms reach into my shirt including my box o' wine. (Yes, I said a box of wine. It's a tough economy folks.)

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Will Marbury said...

Dude, storing things in your shirt just makes u an African woman! A bra is an African wallet. That's where I keep my money, phone AND camera on a regular basis. It's handy and safe!