Sunday, January 24, 2010

Observing Learning

Of course kids learn and are learning all the time. Babies learn how to suck, and cry, and roll over. Babies learn all kinds of things without their parents actually teaching them how to do it. As parents we interact with our children all the time and speak to and about our kids in the context of what we are doing at that time. And though I know Sophie is learning words, what things are, and how to do things on her own it amazed me when I asked her to do something and she did it!

A few weeks ago I was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Right before I was about to put the meal on the table I asked Sophie to "bring her highchair to the table" and she did it! It dawned on me how incredibly smart kids are. She can't say highchair or table but knew exactly what I wanted her to do. She also picked up her bib off the floor when I asked her to and has even carted groceries like baby wipes to her room when I've asked. This new discovery isn't so I can boss her around but it does make getting simple things done much more enjoyable-and hopefully she feels like she is helping too.

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