Tuesday, March 06, 2012

One Year

We are five days shy if one year! One year as a family of four. One year with two girls. One year with two sisters. One year of sleepless nights. One year of twice the joy and love and laughter and hugs.

Emma finally got teeth between months 10 and 11. She learned how to pull herself up to standing while watching Sophia take a bath. She still butt scoots around the house at lightening speed. I can only imagine how fast she will be when she walks unassisted. She slept through the night, finally, last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but up at least once Saturday and sunday- there is a learning curve I guess.

Emma tipped the scales yesterday at 19.8 pounds and 28 inches tall. She is my skinny mini. This year will bring a new batch of milestones and I'm sure a tantrum or two. Hopefully Sophie will be working those out of her system.

We have another year to watch our little girls grow. The year ahead for more bumps and bruises, more sleepless nights, more learning, and certainly more laughs, more hugs and more sloppy kisses. I can't wait.

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k said...

Holy SMOKES! It's been a year already?! Wow.