Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dental Hygiene

When I was younger I wanted to be a dental hygienist. At my yearly check ups I would sit in the chair and open my mouth so wide they would actually have to tell me to close my mouth a bit so they could clean my teeth. I loved going to the dentist and still don't mind it. I'd like to think that I had good oral health even as a toddler. Apparently this is something you can not pass down like hair color or freckles.

Getting Sophia to brush her teeth is such a daunting task. She loves her tooth brush and sweet tasting toothpaste but is completely lost on the concept of brushing. She refuses to let me help. I have explained that we need to brush all of our teeth, front, back, top, bottom. I have tried brushing my teeth with her so she understands better how to do it and how long it takes. We have watched videos and animations on YouTube. She still only brushes for 5 seconds and really is just sucking the toothpaste off the brush.

I don't really want her to have to endure fillings at her first dentist visit. I've tried explaining the importance of good brushing habits but none of it seems to sink in.

How have you taught your toddler healthy brushing habits?


Kyoung416 said...

Eli just wants to mimic me. So if I get on his level with while I do mine it helps. I make a different noise for each brushing action. And he mimics me as I do it. I've tried taking the brush from him, but I get a firm "I do it" and he puts a death grip on the brush.

Marisa Peacock said...

Do they have dolls with teeth she can practice on?

I admit it, I hate the dentist, hate brushing my teeth (But I still do it). I long for a world where there is a robot who can brush them for me (it's not just lazy, I long for efficiency). Perhaps Sophie can start researching new technologies with which to brush our teeth. I'd be her angel investor!

Erin said...

Most of the time Evan cooperates, but we do it even if he throws a fit ... tears and all. I am not letting him off the hook on that habit, and you're doing the right things (as far as I can tell). On a funny note, though, he's been running into the bathroom to do it, lying down on the rug, and opening his mouth for me to brush.

Evening brushing is easier than daytime brushing, and I'll admit, sometimes I slack on the AM scrub.