Thursday, April 14, 2011

After two kids adding more is a breeze

I now understand why so many parents of three or more kids say that after having two kids you can handle anything!

It is amazing how much juggling you have to do to get everything done. My mornings seem to be a guessing game of who is going to cooperate with me, who is going to cry, can I get a shower in, will I be able to have breakfast?

It look forward to Monday - Wednesday when Sophie goes to preschool for a little down time and some one-on-one time with Emma but it always seems rushed or filled with quick errands. So a lot of it is in the car out of the car with Emma. Then once home feeding again and trying to get the girls down for a nap.

Each day is a see-saw of in the car out of the car, entertain one, feed the other. Up down, in out.

Adding another kid to the mix will add another layer of organized chaos but by then I'll have the whirlwind figured out and Sophie will really be able to help with her younger siblings.

And since K from Two Adults, One Brown Baby requested are some photos of the darlings.

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k said...


That second photo and she's all, "What up? I'm sleepy."

One of my aunts told me that the jump from one to two was the hardest and after that it was cake. She has 4.

But two? Two is WAY TRICKY.