Friday, December 10, 2010

What are you doing in there?!?

I would love to have an ultrasound machine at my disposal at all times. This kiddo in utero does more maneuvering than someone trying to do a three point turn. She is sitting very low and flips and flops all morning. I sit far out from my desk just like I ate my third Thanksgiving meal!

I don't recall Sophia being quite this active. It is so weird to feel her moving around a lot of times I can't sit up straight because it feels like I'm not giving her enough room to move!

Sophia has only felt the baby move once and didn't seem too impressed. Now that I'm at the point where you can see the baby move perhaps she'll be more interested in her baby sister.

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Michelle said...

I understand so very much. I've been in mid conversation with people and Maddie starts her moves and it freaks people out, especially the older men I work with.
Maddie started off low but seemed to work her way up too.
This is about the only part of pregnancy that I will miss.