Friday, April 18, 2008

Sophia still hasn't arrived! 41 weeks and counting

We are all still patiently waiting for Sophia's arrival! Yesterday marked 41 weeks of pregnancy and today I am officially one week past my due date. I have an appointment this afternoon to make sure she is still doing okay in there. They will check her heart rate, fluid levels and growth.

Mom and I have cleaned the house, done the laundry, cleaned the windows and ceiling fans, vacuumed, hung photos, organized, planned menus, and played a lot of Yahtzee! I believe we have done everything we can in preparation for Sophia's arrival. I've even put some items in her diaper bag just to be on the safe side. We're not sure what she is waiting for.

We are off to run some errands today and will certainly do a lot of walking! Perhaps we'll have wings or Mexican for lunch so I have a little spice.

Here is what a woman 41 weeks pregnant looks like and how a Gramma in waiting spends her time! Stay tuned. Hopefully my next post will include photos of our bundle of joy.


Anonymous said...

April 18...April 19...April 20... they all have a nice ring for a Birthday! I can't wait to hear when it is. I hope Mom Larson is staying sane with the impending excitement!! Love the pictures - keep them coming, especially of the finished nursery. :)

Cary McStay said...

Wow! Taking a look back over the pictures of your tummy over the past few weeks, I think she just wanted and needed a little bit more time before making her appearance. She's gonna be both fabulous and gorgeous!