Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas, Cribs, and Rocking Chairs

We have finally settled back in to our tiny apartment, taken down the Christmas tree, and put away all the beautiful and fun things we received for Christmas. Phillip and I both feel that we are in nesting mode cleaning up, throwing away, and sending things to Goodwill. I think Dad and Bobby will be pleased to know I have finally severed ties with some "stuff" I have been hanging onto since high school and college. Who needs that crap?!? We have a baby on the way! (Officially 95 days unitl my due date!)

Phillip gave me a gift for "me and the baby" for Christmas. He woke up at 3am Christmas morning he was so excited! He did go back to sleep for a few hours but by 6am he couldn't wait any longer. He got up, let the dogs out, made some coffee, and retrieved my gift from the horse trailer. He wiped the condensation off and "warmed it up." He made me stay in the bedroom until I could be escorted out to the living room. When he did he had me sit in my brand new Rocking Chair. Nothing but the finest, made in North Carolina, Troutman Rocking Chair would do for his wife and baby! I sat in the chair all week, rocking, knitting, and indulging in a little TV! Dolly has enjoyed the rocker too. The only disappointment is that we had to leave the chair in NC because it wouldn't fit in the car....because we bought a crib!

The crib is a lifetime conversion crib. It starts as a crib, then you take the front off to make a toddler bed, and then the front and back become the headboard and footboard of a full size bed. Sure hope Sophia likes it! The guy at the furniture place usually doesn't carry baby furniture but got a bedroom suite by mistake. He was anxious to get the pieces moved and out of his inventory and made us a deal on the bed we couldn't refuse. So the baby will now have a place to sleep....for the next 18 years! We didn't buy the dresser/changing table or chest of drawers but I've included pictures of those pieces so you can see what the whole set looks like.

A few other things we have decided is that we are going to use a cloth dipaer called Bum Genius. We need to get a few to see how they operate. They have diapers in different sizes and a "one size fits all." The great thing about the Bum Genius is that they fit and operate like a disposable but you don't have the waste. You just throw them in the washing machine! We will probablly use the newborn disposable diapers for the first few weeks until the belly button heals and we'll use disposables when traveling and for daycare if we have to but we hope to do our part in being a "Green" family. I'm also looking into using washable wipes instead of the disposables.

When we get to the point of solid foods I'm going to try and make a bunch of our own puree's for the baby. There are a ton of "baby cookbooks" out there to make our own food. Hopefully it will be a bit healthier and not full of preservatives. But that's a little ways off.

I am about 6 1/2 months along and feeling great. I will take some pictures this week and post them so you all can see my expanding belly. The only problems I'm having is sleeping comfortablly. I do a lot of tossing and turning because the pressure on my hips causes pain and I have to roll over--which isn't as easy as it once was! Since we have once again gotten rid of the TV and cable my newest form of entertainment is pulling my shirt up so I can watch the baby move! It is like looking at a waterbed move in my stomach. You have to be patient but you can actually see her moving around in there! So exciting and fun.

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Ed said...

Great furniture!!! You and Phillip definitely have good taste.