Sunday, December 09, 2007

We are having a girl!

First of all I apologize for the delay in posting the most recent ultrasound photos and sharing with many of you that we now know we are having a girl.

On Nov. 19th we had our second round of ultrasounds and all looks well. It is amazing that now our Peanut does not fit into the full frame on the ultrasound machine. Equally incredible is being able to see her ribs, vertebrae, the bones in her hands and feet. Sometimes I am just astounded that I have a human being growing inside of me. Take a look...

She was fairly uncooperative during the ultrasound. She didn't roll over a lot so it was difficult to be 100% sure that she was a girl...You can see that she was on her side and stomach and didn't want to look at the "camera" so to speak. If you can't figure out the "gender" shot it is an odd view. What you see is the back of her thighs and her butt! I'll leave the rest of the interpretation to you.

It has been very rewarding for us to know that our Peanut is a girl. Even if we discovered it was a boy we would have been satisfied. I like that the gender now gives our little one a slight sense of identity and personality.

She has only recently started moving around a lot. It is a weird feeling and difficult to describe. I sort of imagine the movements as the globs of goo in a Lava lamp as they move towards the top of the lamp or perhaps a rolling pin rolling out dough with rocks in it. Phillip has felt her move just a few times. I feel selfish that I get to experience her movements often but as I continue along he will have more opportunities to feel her as we grow.

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