Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I hate that I haven't been on top of my blogging. I miss sharing glimpses into my life and interesting things I've observed or thought about. I'm just tired.

Part of the exhaustion is to be expected-a 7.5 month old, a toddler, a working mom, a wife, a husband, a commuter. There just isn't enough time in the day. In the evenings after dinner is made, kids are bathed, preparations for the next day are done I'm all out of air and can hardly hold up a book or push the buttons on the remote.

I don't like feeling this way and everything is suffering.

Piles to go through in nearly every room. Laundry that seems to take forever to put away. Papers that need to be filed. Halloween costumes that need to be completed. Way too many overdue library books and fines to pay.

I've been so mentally tired that I have a hard time churning up good ideas to write about. At work there has been an unresolved issue I've been collaborating on with a very articulate, detail oriented, driven colleague and I'm just the middle man. I'm thankful he has the situation under control because I just don't have the mental energy to comprehend the lengthy back and forth emails discussing the issue.

I don't really see an end in the near future to the exhaustion. I just have to keep on keepin' on but would love your coping mechianisms. What do you do to stay focused? Stay alert? Be menatlly awake enough to be mentally challenged?

Three cups of coffee a day isn't sustainable!


k said...

I have days and weeks and sometimes even months like you've just described.

Exhausted by just trying to be patient and keep everyone fed and clothed with everything else (grocery shopping, cleaning, performing at my job) feeling like extra.

Hang in there. Know you are not alone.

Michelle said...

I just try to do what I can and a lot of times, not everything gets done. My house is a livable mess. We don't have home-cooked food every night. Laundry only gets done on the weekends.
I still get frustrated and I'm still tired.
But. We laugh a lot. I read when I can. The husband gets to watch football when he wants to. The girls know we love them and we play with them.
We aren't perfect and I stopped trying to be a long time ago. We do what we can and figure it out as we go.