Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sophia's choice of toys and play has always been the more creative, hands on, manipulative toys. Trucks, fire engines, play-doh, blocks, farm toys. She has three dolls one of which she just liked to take it's clothes off-not really play with. That was until about two weeks ago.

The weekend my girlfriends came for a visit and helped clean out the closet and organize the baby stuff a door was opened. Not only can we find stuff now but some of the necessary baby stuff is visible-like the swing.

Sophie started carrying around one of the baby dolls, which she insisted be wrapped up like a burrito, and puts the baby in the swing every day. Every morning the swing makes it's way to the kitchen with baby and and night the swing goes back to the bedroom so she and baby can sleep.

Baby has come with us to church and the grocery store. I hold the baby as if it were real. If the baby falls we give it kisses. Her other baby is now sporting a size 1 diaper because I had to physically demonstrate that Sophie wouldn't fit in the diaper!

I guess this is a good thing as we approach Emma's birth day. Sophia has a baby to care for and so will I.

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