Monday, November 08, 2010

Random Tidbits

Please suggest your favorite pair of maternity jeans. I have two pairs that I hate this time around. A full panel pair from Old Navy that cuts into me where the panel meets the jean. A pair from Motherhood Maternity with a demi panel and the panel rolls and I'm constantly pulling them up.
Sophie can now say "more" in sign language. It's so cute to watch her concentrate and put her hands together, fingers facing each other, and requesting "more." I'm bummed I didn't try harder to teach her "baby sign language" when she was younger but now that she is learning it at pre-school she should be able to help with teaching the baby!
Sophie used the potty three times on Saturday and three times on Sunday! She reverted back to her "old" floor model potty instead of the seat that goes on the toilet but I don't care. She used the POTTY! Please, Lord, let this continue. I'm sick of buying Pull-ups.
We are still indecisive about a name for Baby # 2. Would you like to weigh in?
Emma Louise (or Louisa for all options) Cann
Emma Louise Johnson
Emma Louise Kelly
Emma Louise Bache
Emma Louise Larson
Emma Louise Marie


k said...

You know, I had a crazy expensive pair of maternity jeans from Macy's and then a cheaper pair from Target--by far, the Target ones were more comfortable.

I love the middle name "Louisa"--so sweet.

Aunt Nancy said...

Emma Louise [or Louisa] Marie is good because the names are in alphabetical order. She's lucky that Brown is such a short name. Sometimes parents select the other names due in part to their length when the last name is quite long. Three names along with a last name of 12 letters [3 syllables] would be quite a feat for a child to learn to say, let alone spell. Wouldn't it be too funny if Baby Brown turns out to be a boy. But, no worries as you have a boy's name in reserve. A friend told me about a neighbor whose doctor assured the couple that their twins would be girls only to give birth, and the babies were both boys. The dad was upset because they had decorated the rooms with castles in pink and purple based on the Drs. assurance, only to quickly repaint and decorate with typical 'boy' colors and theme before bringing the babies home.