Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Balancing Act

For any family, regardless if there is a stay at home parent, two working parents, a single parent, or two work at home parents when you have a family it becomes a balancing act. You can't live as carefree as you did in your newlywed, no kid, days. Meals have to be planned, pick up and drop offs covered, schedules confirmed.

I think I have done an okay job balancing all of the responsibilities of being a mom, a wife, and a woman but I know I could improve. Due to my long and early commute Phillip takes Sophia to and from daycare. This will get a little tricky this year because day care is closer to home where as the previous two years it was very close to Phillip's work. Add in a change of schedule for me, by an hour in the morning and afternoon but coupled with a later commute on both ends has the potential to add 30 minutes to an hour to my commute each way.

I want to find time to learn how to knit again. I want Phillip to have time to do the things he enjoys and I want more time for date nights. All of this is like a complex orchestral piece. So my question is:

How do YOU balance all your roles without wearing yourself out?

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Erin said...

You are balancing everything very well! Don't put so much pressure on yourself! Danny and I just kind of play it by ear. Most of the time it's me doing drop off and pick up, but when I have to stay late (like 2x this week) Danny comes to Gaffney, trades cars with me, and takes Jack home. He'll do all the night time duties until I get there. It's not an ideal situation, but you wouldn't want it to be. How boring would life be if it ran like clockwork? More simple? Yes, absolutely...but simple isn't always as much fun...and you appreciate your downtime more when you actually get it. It makes you love the time you spend with your family, cherish it, and spend it more wisely! So don't worry little prego mama! You're rockin' just fine:)