Monday, May 25, 2009

Sophia Celebrates the BIG ONE!

Sophia turned one on April 20. We acknowledged her birthday on the 20th but since it was Reunions week at work we didn't celebrate until the first weekend in May. Sophia's grandma, grandpa, and nana all came to town and some of our friends came out to help celebrate. Sophia indulged on a homemade cupcake and received a lot of fun new toys. She does like all the toys she received but a kid being a kid also really relished in the wrappings.

On her birthday-before heading to daycare.

Sophia, how many are you? "I'm ONE!"


That's for me? (Notice Dolly thinking -hey, ma, drop that down here.)

Besides the sugar rush, I think her favorite part of the cupcake was seeing exactly how much of it she could SHOVE into her mouth!

Sophie opens presents

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