Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sophie Speak

Sophie is a little over 9 months now. She hasn't started crawling yet but does have some new tricks. She is not giving us razzberries as much these days but just yesterday or the day before has started to babble with more gusto! A 'b' sound is her dialect of choice at the moment and it is adorable. I personally love the facial expression she makes while babbling. Here is a video for your entertainment. (The audio comes in and out because I omitted some extra background noise and conversation. The loud babble in the middle is me encouraging Sophie.)

Sophie has enjoyed eating solid foods and her diet now consists of sweet potatoes, mango, banana, cottage cheese, and kale. This weekend we will introduce tofu or carrots.

The bowl is just as good as the bananas!

Working on the crawl, but not there yet.

Michael Jordan tongue! Yup, I think she'll play basketball.

In her free time she enjoys the daddy jungle jim!

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Ed said...

She's growing quickly! But skip the tofu and opt for steak! :D