Monday, October 20, 2008

Sophia is 1/2 today!

Sophia is 1/2 today or in more common terms, 6 months! She is 26.5 inches long and 15.1 lbs. Long and lean. Although she is becoming more curious about food and cups the doctor said he would really like us to continue with the breastfeeding and try to get as close to 1 year as possible before we introduce solids. So that's the course of action we're going to take.

She is cute as can be and developing more of a personality each day. She loves to be held and prefers us to hold her than set her down. Is very strong on her tummy, enjoys storytime and trying to eat books too. Anytime we have a drink in our hand she tries to grab at it. She can roll over, find her pacifier and put it back in her mouth, and hold her own bottle.

Here are a few pictures taken over the past few weeks.

Soft doggy, yucky doggy.

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