Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sophia on Holiday!

We took our family vacation the first week of August. Having Sophia and Dolly in toe is such a process now! I got home from work around 4pm, Phillip loaded the car while I fed Sophia, we had a quick bite to eat, brewed some coffee, changed Sophia and we were finally in the car! At 7pm! Like mom says "We're a herrrrddddd of turtles!" We thought it would be better to leave in the evening so Sophie would sleep through most of the trip but we certainly left much later than anticipated. We made it to NC around 4AM!

Sophia was christened the first weekend we were there so Mom, Dad, Meg, and Julia all came down to join us for the occasion. Meg and Danny and Erin Fox are Sophia's godparents. Phillip and I took everyone to the Asheville Tourists baseball game on Saturday evening. We were excited to share the game of baseball with Sophia and Phillip could not have been happier that her first game was at McCormick field where Phillip and his granddad watched so many games before.
Sophie was christened at the same church where Phillip and I got married. She wore the christening gown that was originally worn by my great grandfather (Pops-born 1900) all of my brothers and sisters and my cousins. She is the 10th person to wear the gown!
The baptismal water was drawn from the Davidson river where Phillip and his Dad spent so much time fishing. It was a very beautiful and symbolic day for us. And she didn't cry!

Carolyn had a few days off to spend with us so we spent Monday in Boone. Carolyn, Sophia, and I shopped and Phillip went to shoot with his mentor. It was a beautiful day and felt so good to be in the mountains. We did some Christmas shopping and I found something I think I'll have to get for Sophie next year. Her very own Appalachian cheerleading outfit! We had a great day but she was tuckerd out by the end!
We saw the Tourists play again on Tuesday night and Sophia "caught" her first fly ball. The third base coach knew there was a baby sitting close to the wall so he didn't really throw the ball but hand it to me. Nonetheless exciting!

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