Saturday, March 15, 2008

36 weeks

Only about 4 weeks to go-give or take. That decision is up to Sophia! I can tell you that I have weekly appointments from here on out and at my appointment last week I have already started to make progress. Phillip is concerned that Sophia will make her debut before we are fully moved into the house. I had a daydream that she was going to arrive on Easter Sunday! Only time will tell. Remember that babies are born on their Birthday, not their Due Date!

My only ailment is my swollen feet. They really bug me. I have cankles. My blood pressure is fine, no headaches, just fluid in my feet and ankles. Ugh. To demonstrate what my ankles look like normally-bony, well defined, skinny-I found a picture from when I ran the marathon in 2006. This picture was taken AFTER I ran 26.2 miles!

And my ugly, swollen, fluid filled feet at 36 weeks preggers...

Other than that I really can't complain. This has been a great week. I had a surprise shower thrown by my "Virginia" Friends, complete with hay bales in the hostess' living room! Phillip's students threw us a baby shower at school yesterday. And some super soft, luxuriant, and eye pleasing linens arrived from Tuppens (my sister-in-law) earlier this week. We are brimming with anticipation.

This weekend we will continue to move and unpack stuff at the new house. We will attend a breastfeeding class and our final "baby" class. We are definitely in the home stretch and awaiting Sophia's arrival.

Here is what I look like at 36 weeks. Convenient that I have on the same outfit as the 35 week pictures ;) Clothing options are slim pickin's these days!

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